About Corn Market Dental

Our History

Originally “MouthPeace Dental Practice”, we were setup in 1978, by Dr Henry Fardell, BChD, with the primary vision of providing preventive dental treatment. Most of the treatment was carried out on the National Health Service, and many of the patients have remained in the practice to this date. We are now a Private practice.

The success of our preventive dentistry is recognised by many of our patients as significantly improving their day to day life. Having previously experienced dental decay, and the subsequent dental treatments that entails, our patients feel safe in the knowledge that we will endeavour to help them plan and maintain healthy oral hygiene routines at home with regular checkups and professional polishing appointments from us.

Our close working relationship with the South Coast Dental team means we can now offer more complex dental treatments in an easy to understand, comfortable manner and take the fear out of dentistry.


Wimborne Minster
The Cornmarket Dental Practice is situated in the centre of the pretty town of Wimborne Minster, Dorset.

It is the closest building to Wimborne Minster in the tranquil setting of the Corn Market.

Car parking is usually available in the adjacent King Street car park. We have wheelchair access and toilet facilities for the disabled


We have a very friendly and experienced dental team consisting of dentists, hygienist, dental nursing support team, reception team, management team, as well as maintenance engineers who are working regularly in the background. Some of the team have been working in the practice for over 20 years.

All of the staff are now complying with the latest government regulations for keeping up their professional standards in order to provide the best dentistry for our patients. Each member of the staff is required to have a “Preventive Heart”—this is a primary prerequisite for working on the team.


Our Mission Statement

We are a business which wishes to focus attention on helping to introduce our patients to the benefits of preventing dental problems.

Having secured the dental health of many thousands of patients for over 40 years in the same practice we are increasingly dedicated to helping our patients experience trouble free mouths.

Our mission is to make patients routine home care as effective as possible with the minimum effort, and to support this with the help of the regular polishing of teeth and checking the health of gums with the help of our professional hygienist team.

Healthy gums and bone usually mean healthy teeth. The patients who are prepared to pay for these routines usually find that they eventually spend less on repairs and treatment.