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Good dental hygiene is an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental hygienist appointments should form part of your dental treatments to help prevent problems that you won’t be able to spot yourself. These could be the build-up of plaque, bleeding gums, gum disease, dental cavities or even mouth cancer. Regular brushing and flossing alone will not remove those stubborn stains and tartar.

Our Dental Hygienists will assess your gum health, the level of inflammation in your gums and the level of deposits on your teeth and gums. They work closely with the dentists at the practice to prevent and treat gum disease. Gum health is at the heart of good dentistry. It is increasingly being linked to systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

We encourage regular hygienist visits for maintenance of your oral health and if you are on a Membership Plan this is included in your monthly payment.

Airflow Polishing

We also now offer Airflow Polishing which is a simple way to effectively remove surface stains from teeth. The system uses a focused jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles to gently polish away surface staining from the teeth.

This is a great treatment before that special occasion to remove tea, coffee and nicotine stain. Airflow cleaning is a great way to simply and effectively brighten your smile. It will remove surface staining but will not lighten the base colour of the teeth. Please see Tooth Whitening for that. Air flow polishing is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. Studies have shown that air polishing is over three times faster at removing stains and plaque than traditional methods.

You can book direct access to our dental hygienists and do not have to be a current patient of the practice or have a prior appointment with the dentist.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dental hygienists play a crucial role in oral healthcare by providing preventive dental care, including cleaning teeth, educating patients about oral hygiene, and assisting dentists in various treatments.

It is recommended to visit a dental hygienist for teeth cleaning every six months to maintain good oral health and prevent dental issues like gum disease and cavities.

Dental hygienists can provide dental care to patients of all ages, including children. They often play a crucial role in educating children about oral hygiene and preventive measures.

Yes, dental hygienists can offer professional teeth whitening services, helping you achieve a brighter and whiter smile through safe and effective treatments.

Dental hygienists offer a range of treatments, including teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing, fluoride application, and the placement of dental sealants to prevent tooth decay.

Yes, dental hygienists are trained to detect early signs of oral diseases like gum disease and oral cancer during routine check-ups, which can lead to timely treatment and improved outcomes.

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