Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are restorations that can be used to make a crooked smile appear straighter or repair broken or damaged teeth. A crown can also be placed on an implant to replace a missing tooth. A crown strengthens the existing damaged tooth, thus preserving its functionality.

Crowns are often used side-by-side with veneers in a full-mouth restorative treatment.

Tony’s Story

Tony, a Crowns Patient at Corn Market Dental in Wimborne had this to say about his dental experience:
“I had two major treatments, I had a cap on my tooth basically and they had put a tooth in and put wings on it and attached it and also I had a tooth taken out that was cracked and they extracted it.
I work across the road in the coffee shop and they are very good at fitting me in when it suits myself.
The dentist who treated me was called Nim and he was very professional and extremely helpful and assured me that I was under the best treatment available.
The overall treatment here was fantastic. It was first class treatment and they put you at ease when you walk through the door and everything was delivered on time, a brilliant service!
Since I have been coming in having treatment, I am on Denplan, which means I come here twice a year so they can prevent anything major, so they look at your teeth, have X-rays and then if anything is happening with your teeth, they deal with it before it becomes a major problem.
I’ve already recommended the practice to a few people and having a coffee shop nearby; I always tell people if they are new to the area that we have a fantastic dentist just across the road that offer a fantastic service with a smile.”

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Why have a crown?

You may have a crown for various different reasons:

  • Your tooth may have undergone significant decay.
  • If a large proportion of your tooth is fractured and cannot be built back on.
  • If you have had a dental implant a crown will be fitted onto the abutment of the implant.
  • A crown may be put onto a tooth following root canal treatment to protect and strengthen the tooth.
  • Crowns may also be used for cosmetic reasons.

The main need for a dental crown is when the strength of a supporting tooth is compromised. A crown shouldn’t be the first option for cosmetic reasons as large amounts of the tooth are ground away in preparation for the crown placement. If correctly looked after a crown can last for 10-15 years.

What’s the procedure?

Crowns are usually placed over two appointments.

You will first have an initial consultation with your dentist where all treatment options will be discussed. If it is decided that a crown is the best treatment route for you, your tooth will be prepared for a crown placement.

The first stage is to clean the tooth, remove any decay and reshape – which is usually completed under local anaesthetic.

Once the tooth is prepared and impression of your teeth will be taken and sent off to a dental laboratory. This impression is the guide the dental technician will use to fabricate your new crown to fit perfectly. Your crown may take a few weeks to be made so in the meantime your dentist will fit you with a temporary crown.

On your second visit your temporary crown will be removed and the outer surface of your prepared tooth will be made rough so that the dental cement has a good surface to bond to. Your dentist will simply sit the crown over the prepared tooth to see if it fits correctly and to make sure you are happy with the aesthetics of the crown. Once you are both happy with everything, your dentist will cement the crown firmly into place.

Jean’s Story

“I’d definitely recommend the practice to others, I have been extremely happy with all the treatment I have had here, as I said, extremely professional, welcoming, caring and compassionate care here.”
Jeans Story

David’s Story

“When I first saw the smile after the work had been done, I was very very pleased. There used to be a lot of gum inflammation around the area, the problem was before and that’s all subsided and yes, I am very happy with my new smile I could show off.”
Jeans Story

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