Dental Crowns Patient – David

“The problem I had, apart from having to have a couple of fillings replaced that had been there for years, was my two front crowns were giving me a lot of problems and it was suggested very correctly that I have these replaced and I’ve been very happy with the results.

The dentist who treated me was absolutely brilliant, incredibly kind and understanding especially because I have more than a little bit of anxiety, especially over injections. He was absolutely brilliant at putting me at ease and making me feel very comfortable, so yes very good.

My thoughts on the overall treatment from beginning to end was again very very professional all the way through from booking appointments, absolutely, the whole thing was very smooth.
Benefits since having the treatment done: primarily I’ve always had the dull ache on one side of the crown and that seems to have very much disappeared at the moment and so basically I feel like I’m right back on dental track, if that’s the right expression to use, so yes, it’s been very beneficial.

When I first saw the smile after the work had been done, I was very very pleased. There used to be a lot of gum inflammation around the area, the problem was before and that’s all subsided and yes, I am very very happy with my new smile I could show off.”