Dental Crowns Patient – Tony

“I had two major treatments, I had a cap on my tooth basically and they had put a tooth in and put wings on it and attached it and also I had a tooth taken out that was cracked and they extracted it.

I work across the road in the coffee shop and they are very good at fitting me in when it suits myself.

The dentist who treated me was called Nim and he was very professional and extremely helpful and assured me that I was under the best treatment available.
The overall treatment here was fantastic. It was first class treatment and they put you at ease when you walk through the door and everything was delivered on time, a brilliant service!

Since I have been coming in having treatment, I am on Denplan, which means I come here twice a year so they can prevent anything major, so they look at your teeth, have X-rays and then if anything is happening with your teeth, they deal with it before it becomes a major problem.
I’ve already recommended the practice to a few people and having a coffee shop nearby; I always tell people if they are new to the area that we have a fantastic dentist just across the road that offer a fantastic service with a smile.”