Dental Veneers Patient – Ray

“The treatments I have had at the surgery are numerous, crowns, fillings but most importantly for me I had some dental work done on my 6 front teeth. The reason for having the work done on my front teeth was that they quite badly worn and I wasn’t happy with the look of them and Wal said that he would be able to sort that out, which he did, and he did an amazing job on them.

I was really really impressed with the care and the work that he did.  The effect it had on me before I had the treatment done was that I felt quite self-conscious about my teeth which resulted in me not smiling as much as I should have done. I was self-conscious in photographs. but following the work I feel far more confident and I am very very pleased with the result. 

My thoughts on my dentist are that he has given me a lot of self-confidence, I feel very safe in his hands regarding any work that he proposes or does on my teeth, yes generally very happy.

Life after the treatment? I am a lot more confident, not so aware of my teeth anymore, I used to be quite aware of them and having pictures taken or smiling, but now I feel a lot more natural now.

When I saw the results of my treatment I was very emotional, it almost brought me to tears a complete transformation.”