Multiple Treatments Patient – Dornford

“The things I have had done at this practice is a bridge, various fillings, a root canal and some caps. I had a tooth removed a long time ago due to root canal work, so there was a gap in my lower teeth, so for Aesthetic reasons I had the bridge put in. When I spoke to Wal, my dentist, he explained the options I had the gap for some time and then he decided, and well we discussed the ways of dealing with it and that’s the conclusion we came to. I’ve been with Wal now for 2/3 years or since he first started here and I always had a great relationship with him, again very professional, very informative and he was very thorough in his checkups and advice.

The atmosphere here is very calming and relaxed, nobody likes coming to the dentist but the atmosphere here is one that gets you in the right frame of mind.

When I saw the result of my bridge I was really pleased and it I gave my confidence back again and enabled me to give a full smile, so I am really appreciative.”