Multiple Treatments Patient – Jackie

“Over the last 30 years, I have probably had root canal treatments – several of, I’ve had crowns put in, I’ve had fillings done. I had to have a tooth extraction to have a bridge put in, so quite a wide range.

I had a crown over a tooth with a root canal and then about a year ago it came out so I came out so I came into the dentist with the crown in my hand and he put it back on for me. He said he thought it would last about a year. So, then we discussed what I should do and I wasn’t really quite sure what to do next, so he talked me through all the options and I think I am going to have an implant done. So what he’s done, just to give me a little bit of time to have a think is has put a temporary filling on top of the root so that I have got a little bit of time to decide whether to have the root out completely and I think I am going to have an implant.

It’s a really lovely friendly practice. My dentist is great, the dental nurse is so supportive because I am a little bit of nervous patient and she is really good. Nimal is too, but she is a real help. And the staff at the front desk ar very very friendly and try to make sure that it’s a nice experience to be here, if you can imagine being at the dentist a nice experience.

The result has been amazing – you could look in my mouth and you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t my own tooth. He actually has a colour chart that he can match up with my teeth to make sure he’s going to get a really good job, so I have been delighted with that.”

February 2021
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