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What is an Overbite?

Overbite is a condition in which the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth. Overbite is not necessarily a bad thing; most people have some degree of overbite. It’s when the overbite is too little or too large that problems may arise. An excessive or large overbite, also called a deep bite, can cause […]

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Kid’s Thumb Sucking

How to help your child with Thumb Sucking Does your child suck his or her thumb? The thinking was that as long as a child stopped sucking by the time they developed their permanent teeth there would be minimal impact on the mouth and jaw, now research shows that thumb or finger sucking can have […]

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Tooth Decay and Soft Drinks

Sweet soft drinks are, without doubt, one of the biggest causes of poor oral health. Many extremely well-known standard size canned drinks regularly contain at least 8 teaspoons of sugar, with some of the worst offenders having a sickly FIFTEEN teaspoons in each 330ml of product. Recently, The Children’s Food Campaign published the results of […]

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Adult Orthodontics – A Comprehensive Service

Corn Market Dental offer a professional and comprehensive orthodontic service, dramatically improving both appearance and function of the mouth and the rest of the face. Our highly-skilled team utilise a variety of methods to achieve these results on adults as well as children, the most common orthodontic patients. The word orthodontic comes from Greek and […]

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