Teeth Whitening Patient – Karen’s Success Story

“The benefits of the treatment have been that I now have healthier teeth. The sensitivity has gone almost, and I’ve got a great smile. When I first saw my smile, it was brilliant – I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. I kept looking, a good thorough look and everyday I was looking just in case they were going to go brown or yellow again, but no and its been a few months now, nearly a year and they are still OK. Very very happy!”

Dental Crowns Patient – David’s Success Story

“My thoughts on the overall treatment from beginning to end was again very very professional all the way through from booking appointments, absolutely, the whole thing was very smooth. Benefits since having the treatment done: primarily I’ve always had the dull ache on one side of the crown and that seems to have very much disappeared at the moment and so basically I feel like I’m right back on dental track, if that’s the right expression to use, so yes, it’s been very beneficial.”

Dental Crowns Patient – Tony’s Success Story

“The overall treatment here was fantastic. It was first class treatment and they put you at ease when you walk through the door and everything was delivered on time, a brilliant service! Since I have been coming in having treatment, I am on Denplan, which means I come here twice a year so they can prevent anything major, so they look at your teeth, have X-rays and then if anything is happening with your teeth, they deal with it before it becomes a major problem.”

Multiple Treatment Patient – Dornford’s Success Story

“The atmosphere here is very calming and relaxed, nobody likes coming to the dentist but the atmosphere here is one that gets you in the right frame of mind. When I saw the result of my bridge I was really pleased and it I gave my confidence back again and enabled me to give a full smile, so I am really appreciative.”

Multiple Treatment Patient – Jackie’s Success Story

“It’s a really lovely friendly practice. My dentist is great, the dental nurse is so supportive because I am a little bit of nervous patient and she is really good. Nimal is too, but she is a real help. And the staff at the front desk ar very very friendly and try to make sure that it’s a nice experience to be here, if you can imagine being at the dentist a nice experience.”

Teeth Straightening Patient – Susanne’s Success Story

“When I first saw the result it’s actually a little bit emotional, if I’m honest, because you’re not quite sure what to expect but you can see the teeth moving during the duration of the treatment. But I was incredibly happy, but I kept myself together and I got a little bit emotional when I got home and you can’t stop looking at your teeth actually which is delightful. I would recommend that anybody of a similar age to myself to come along and have a chat with Nim.”

Dental Veneers Patient – Ray’s Success Story

“Life after the treatment? I am a lot more confident, not so aware of my teeth anymore, I used to be quite aware of them and having pictures taken or smiling, but now I feel a lot more natural now. When I saw the results of my treatment I was very emotional, it almost brought me to tears a complete transformation.”

Crowns/Bridges Patient – Jean’s Success Story

“It’s a lovely place to be, right from the people in reception, through to the nurses and then obviously the dentists and hygienist. It’s a really lovely place to come. I’d definitely recommend the practice to others, I have been extremely happy with all the treatment I have had here, as I said, extremely professional, welcoming, caring and compassionate care here.”