Teeth Straightening Patient – Susanne

“I spent my entire life smiling with my mouth closed and after the treatment, it took me a little while to stop doing that and many people have noticed that the way I smiled had changed. I had the opportunity to have them straightened as a much younger person and I knew we had moved forward in time and I knew I could maybe perhaps have some sort of treatment as an older person, and I suppose there was a little bit of vanity in there as well. I wanted to see if I could straighten them at my age. My dentist Nim spent a lot of time explaining the options to me and gave me an opportunity to go away and think about it and he took some moulds of my teeth and then we came back together and discussed my options and it was at that point that I decided I would like to continue my treatment. When I first saw the result it’s actually a little bit emotional, if I’m honest, because you’re not quite sure what to expect but you can see the teeth moving during the duration of the treatment. But I was incredibly happy, but I kept myself together and I got a little bit emotional when I got home and you can’t stop looking at your teeth actually which is delightful. I would recommend that anybody of a similar age to myself to come along and have a chat with Nim.”