Teeth Whitening Patient – Karen

“I noticed about 10 years ago that they were beginning to go a bit yellow but I wasn’t too worried about it. But the older my mum was getting, I noticed how yellow, really yellow, her teeth were getting, I never understood why. She never smoked in her life so when she was towards the end of her life, I could see it was really really bad and I could see my teeth going the same way and getting really yellow. In fact it was getting so bad that I lost my confidence to smile and I found my hand going automatically up to my mouth when I was talking to somebody.

The dentist who treated me was very respectful, very courteous and was concerned about all the concerns I had with my teeth and treated me accordingly. I hardly had any pain to my sensitivity so I’m very pleased with that.

The benefits of the treatment have been that I now have healthier teeth. The sensitivity has gone almost, and I’ve got a great smile. I can smile with confidence now and I feel great.

When I first saw my smile, it was brilliant – I couldn’t stop smiling, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. I kept looking, a good thorough look and everyday I was looking just in case they were going to go brown or yellow again, but no and its been a few months now, nearly a year and they are still OK. Very very happy!”