When we are treating biological tissues such as teeth and gums it is not possible to know if a procedure will be successful. Very few surgeons give the warranty on their work on your body. However, for standard procedures such as fillings, we normally provide a free replacement of repair-work, within one year of placement. If a piece of tooth breaks which was adjacent to a repair, this would not be covered by the usual warranty.

Fillings and most repair materials cannot decay. Only tooth surfaces can decay. The more decay the less tooth remains and the tooth will be weaker. The weaker the tooth the larger the repair. Because we charge on a time-basis, the larger the repair the higher the cost! Therefore, the higher fee may not represent a stronger repair – but perhaps a more challenging repair on a weaker tooth!

We are also unable to warranty very deep restorations, because sometimes the nerve of the tooth under a heavily restored area can die and the tooth can abscess.

Our Preventive Approach, extends to giving you sufficient advice to enable you to take care of your repairs. For instance, if a patient breaks a restoration by accidentally biting on a hard piece of muesli or granary bread, or cracking a boiled sweet or chewing toffee, then the normal one year warranty on the restoration will not be valid.

We are also unable to warranty work which is involved with implant placement and integration in the bone, gum treatment, orthodontic treatment, root fillings, and surgical procedures.